Mayday is an Annual Festival generated and produced by In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre since 1974. It has been my rare privilege to midwife these many years of Mayday with such incredible teams of artists and community participants!
MayDay Posters (designed by Sandy Spieler except where noted)

2019 Beloved Community
Be Love, Come Unity, plant 1,035 trees

2018 What You Feed, Grows
About transformative power of Love

2017 Imagine, Heal, Resist
Come together for the work at hand and ahead

2016 Radical Returnings
The first step of Reparation begins in the heart

2015 …And Still We Rise
For Racial Justice and Affirmation that Black Lives Matter

2014 Wonder? Wonder!
Love this Earth in defense of its destruction

2013 See the World
For the Children

2012 The End of the World As We Know It
The beginning of the world as we make it. Now! About Transition Towns

2011 Caws to Unite
united in anger about economic and justice disparities, international protests

2010 Uproar!
In this census year, we consider that 'not everything that can be counted, counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.' (quote from Einstein) 

2009 Our Common Treasury-Dig It
As the economy collapses, we honor the common and sacred soil

2008 A New Bridge: Infrastructure for the Future Beings
Blueprint for sustainability

2007 Somos Agua
For the Water

2006 The Time Is Now!
To Come Together for the Common Good!

2005 Where Do We Go From Here?
About Disarmament

2004 LEAP! Into the Wondrous Possible
A vision of the Holy Fool

2003 This Is Our Child
About local and international violence to Children and the Bill of Rights for children

Cry of distress, call for Peace

2001 Prayer for the Flowering of Compassion
About the teachings of the Dalai Lama

2000 Divining Economy
about wealth and health

1999 Somos Uno
25th year honoring Mayday's red and green roots

1998 Sing!
About Music

1997 May Abundant Blessings Flow
About gratitude and community wellness

1996 Be A Bridge
To prevent violence in the community

1995 Gorgeous Fever of Consciousness: Honor Your Senses
As the virtual world expands, thanks to our body's senses

1994 In Honor of Seeds: Awesome Vessels of Power!
All of the flowers of all the tomorrows are in the seeds of today

1993 Let The Sleeper Awake!
Call for deeper layers of consciousness

1992 I Am Another Yourself
Against colonial mindset in every way

1991 Return to Turtle Island
Honoring Native American contributions to the world, and the Great Tree of Peace treaty

1990 Wheel of Change Ever Whirling
Applauding the dismantling of the Berlin Wall and Nelson Mandela's freedom

1989 Voices of Trees
Honors relationship of humans and trees

1988 When the Dragon Speaks
Taken from the words of many poets

1987 We May Be Family After All
from Chief Seattle's speech

1986 Corn
Honoring corn as the intrinsic physical and spiritual sustenance of the Americas

1985 Our World Home
Think globally and locally

1984 In Honor of Time and Changebringing of Hearts, Hands, Minds
10th Mayday, honoring teachers and 10 year olds

1983 Water
In honor of water

1982 Water
In honor of water

1981 (In Honor of) Time and Changebringing

1980 The Year of the Child
In alignment with United Nations theme

1979 Wake Up!
Honors Spring and people's work

1978 These Things Are Free!

1977 Seasons
Honors the changbringing of earth and of people

1976 The Ark
Like Noah's, carrying us through the storm

1975 Bring Us Back Together
From the years of the Vietnam War!