Public Art / Miscellaneous Works of Art

Most of my art is created as an integral part of performance. But some pieces stand by themselves, though they sometimes have interactive elements connected with their life, and some are simply difficult to categorize.

Zaníyaŋ Yutȟókča: Brave Change

Created with the team of Angela Two Stars, Sandy Spieler and Mona Smith and with the guidance of descendants of Heyate Otunwe.


Banners of Peacemakers

For Pax Christi Catholic Community, Eden Prairie, Minnesota. September, 2017


Flat Work

sandy spieler fellowship tree

Fellowship Tree 2012

The past and future meet as a “togethered tree”.

Sandy Spieler Mural

Mural for the Water Hub

Minnesota State Fair. In the hall of the Drinking Fountain and entrances to the Restrooms of the Eco-Experience building.

spieler water fountain hobt

Drinking Fountain for the Avalon 2008

In the lobby of the Avalon Theatre aka In the Heart of the Beast Theatre.

gift of seeds by sandy spieler

Gift of Seeds 2007

Three Maple seeds with Illuminated Alphabets and three Figures to honor the incredible Maple Trees for which the library is named, reminding us of the parallel task of Maple Seeds to a Library.

Water Banners by Sandy Spieler

Water Banners

Lake Street Streetscape Railing by Sandy Spieler

Lake Street Streetscape

Street Banners, sidewalk stamps, and railings announcing “Bloom Lake” – as a location and also as a mantra of beauty. Commissioned by the City of Minneapolis Public Art.

each day holy flags by sandy spieler

Each Day Holy 2006

San Antonio, Texas. Flags and Banners of the 4 seasons to create special spaces for a onetime Youth Event in San Antonio’s historic district.

ofrenda by Sandy Spieler

Ofrenda for Farmers 2005

Midtown Farmer’s Market, Minneapolis. A remembrance for the weekend of Dia de los Muertos honoring farmers all over the world struggling in their work to provide food for us all.

age of oil car by Sandy Spieler

The White Car: Museum of the Age of Oil 2004

Bristol, England 2004. This museum for the Age of Oil questions the Oil industry and my personal Oil consumption. It is also a response and honoring of the work of Platform of London, a group of artists investigating the crimes of corporations.

Water Shrine by Sandy Spieler

We Bend to the Water: Water Connects the World

Commissioned by The McKnight Foundation · Resides at The McKnight Foundation, 710 2nd St, #400, Mpls. MN · Painted sculpture holding H2O from all over the world, 2003.

Spirit of Green by Sandy Spieler

Spirit of Green 1999

Originally made for In the Heart of the Beast Theatre’s 25th Mayday Ceremony, this figure now resides in the lobby of the Greenway building in Minneapolis. Thirteen feet tall, this commemorated the “green root of Mayday” – the green blood energy rising up each spring to nourish us all.

Illuminations banners by Sandy Spieler

Illuminations: Sisters in the Service of Love 1998

Painted Banners, Seed Shrines, and Sharing of Bread, honoring the Sisters of St Joseph of Carondelet, and all who work with love for the world.

Tarantella by Sandy Spieler

Tarantella (a film) 1993/4

Puppet sequences for the film Tarantella by Helen De Michiel.