• Commissioned by the Maplewood Library
  • Resides at the Maplewood Library, 3025 Southlawn Dr. Maplewood, MN

Three Maple seeds with Illuminated Alphabets and three Figures to honor the incredible Maple Trees for which the library is named, reminding us of the parallel task of Maple Seeds to a Library:

Maple Seeds contain intricate complete codes of knowledge necessary for a tree to evolve into maturity – a gift given freely to the receptive soil for the health of our community. Similarly, a Library freely shares books containing knowledge for a receptive community eager to evolve culturally, spiritually, and creatively. A library, like seeds, is a gift of the commons to breed healthy communities.

The Three Sculpted Figures depict the poetic parallel of seeds to books:

a seed/book given from one generation to another,
a seed/book planted as an image of reading,
a seed/book functioning as wings for flight

Fabricated by Sandra Spieler, James Koplin and Carole Senty , with help from Rose Spieler-Sandberg, Lora Pederson, Claire Richards, Masa Kawahara, Duane Tougas, Malia Burkhart, Do’’ii Yohanne.

  • Thanks to In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre, Mohn Electric, Tahleeh Foods, Tsegay Tilhune, Tim Carl, Markian Yereniuk,Sandy Walsh, Maplewood Library Staff, Vicki Cox, McGough Construction, Ann Gadwa