Works for the Water

My work seeks to open heart, mind, action and joy for the care of the Water that Connects the World.

Yes, I can work with you in your community for the Water. Here are ideas from examples of past work:

Invigorate the Common Well

In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre · How is the Water we drink connected to all the water issues of the world?  Intensive research on the growing problems of Water seen through the lens of the broken drinking fountain in the lobby of the Theatre and enacted with a great deal of participatory performance. Many thanks to In the Heart of the Beast Theatre for producing this work, and the many artists and researchers who created and enacted this work. Such an amazing team! Read More...

Come to the Well

Invigorate the Common Well Episode 1

Water is essential to all of life on our planet, human and non-human. Water is literally our common wealth.


Beneath the Surface

Invigorate the Common Well Episode 2

A Circus of Wonderments The Circus of the Common Well! Investigating Water Quality and Local Water Systems.


Decorate the Well in Gratitude

Invigorate the Common Well Episode 3

A Street Carnival Honoring… Water! …and the newly restored drinking fountain in the lobby of In the Heart of the Beast Theatre.


Other Work for the Water

When My Utter Amazement in the Power and Beauty of the World is Paired With Painful Questions About the Unhealthy State of the World, Performances Arise! What Can I Do? What Can We Do?

Are You Thirsty?

A two person touring show gleaned from good ideas based on the extensive research of the 3 episodes of Invigorate the Common Well. Suitable for all ages.

water water everywhere

Water Water Everywhere!
Community Water Residencies

Community Performance Residencies Combining Art and Ecology

Artists from In the Heart of the Beast Theatre work in residence with local participants to research local stories and concerns about Water. These local details are mixed with other scenes that investigate and honor our universal Water Commons. The work becomes a joyful blend of professional artists and community participants – inter-generational, inter-cultural, poetically beautiful, and funkily fun–it binds an entire community together in considering their intrinsic relationship with Water.


What If ?! workshops

Ranging in length from 3 hours to 3 days

Water Sharing Puppets

Water Sharing

Can be enacted as an opening or a closing to special events as a way to draw people together with the Water. These photos are from “the Mingling the Waters” as part of a National Theatre Conference year at the Guthrie Theatre by the Mississippi River.

Water Shrine by Sandy Spieler

We Bend to the Water: Water Connects the World

Commissioned by The McKnight Foundation · Resides at The McKnight Foundation, 710 2nd St, #400, Mpls. MN · Painted sculpture holding H2O from all over the world, 2003.

Sandy Spieler Mural

Mural for the Water Hub

At the Minnesota State Fair in the Water Hub area of restrooms and drinking fountain in the Eco- Experience Building, St Paul.

spieler water fountain hobt

Drinking Fountain for the Avalon 2008

In the lobby of the Avalon Theatre aka In the Heart of the Beast Theatre.


Voicing the River

This town (like all towns) is here because of their River. Yet, where is the River? Why was this River covered up? A multi-faceted event of engagement-including the “divining” and painting of the River on the main parking lot in town, the writing of a collective poem about the River,

MayDay 2007 by Eric Altenberg

MayDay 2007: Somos Agua / We Are Water

Video by Mike Rivard We pray for a foundation of reverence and gratitude for Water as we face the complex issues of Water at the core of many challenging environmental and human rights situations. It is possible that the peace of this century will be waged by the way we share and protect the Water.

Water Banners by Sandy Spieler

Water Banners

Its Substance Reaches Everywhere

Its Substance Reaches Everywhere

About the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Thanks to Southern Illinois University and the Plains Art Museum in Fargo who sponsored the workshops where this work was created. 2011, 2014.

o'neill group

Wonder of Water

A series of episodes specific to the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center in Waterford, CT on the Long Island Sound as part of the National Puppetry Conference. With Larry Siegel and students from the National Puppetry Conference. Thanks to Blake Love for helping. 

Life of HOH

A Life of HOH

A surreal journey through the physical, industrial and primal worlds of Water. 


Circle of Water Circus

We traveled with 25 adults, 5 children and 2 dogs to honor this great River in hopes of turning attention to the importance of this Water.