Mississippi River Tour from Minneapolis to New Orleans 1983

How has the magnificent Mississippi River become a sewage line for the expansive consumptive habits of our Nation? We travel with 25 adults, 5 children and 2 dogs to honor this great River in hopes of turning attention to the importance of this Water.

A four month tour of the Mississippi River – from Brainerd MN to New Orleans LA – by In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre, including Parades, Side-Shows, and the Big Ring Show.

Many thanks to the team who created, built and enacted this Circus together: Steve Epp, Nanci Olesen, Steve Sandberg, Sandy Spieler, Mark John, Susanna Ryan, Nick Wrobleski, Finn Ryan, Esther Ouray, Jim Ouray, Chana Ouray, Loren Kellen, Doug Cain, Loren Niemi, Kevin Kling, Marg Rozycki, Lucinda Anderson, Michael Sommers, Susan Haas, Maj Britt Syse, Mari Peterson, Jim Spieler, Jim McCreary, Larry Long, Scott Vreeland, Lori Bergstom, Sam Vreeland, Elliot Vreeland, Jane Urban, Robert Hughes, Dubious, Jack. Directed by Sandy Spieler