A gyrating meditation to open the human heart and soul to the immense majesty of the Universe and the growing human destruction of the Earth. In the Heart of the Beast Puppet and Mask Theatre. December 1999

  • Directed and Designed by Sandy Spieler, created with Joko Sutrisno, the Twin Cities Gamelan Orchestra, Joe Chvala Percussive Dance and the company of In the Heart of the Beast Theatre.
  • With Lisa Abbatomarco, Sandra Agustin, Nicole Amaris, Bart Buch, Malia Burkhart, Alison Heimstead, Masanari Kawahara, Andrew Kim, Maria La Nave, Megan McClellan, Mary Jo Nikolai, Esther Ouray, Joe Spencer, Anna Stanley, Matt Weathers, Elisha Whittington, Tri Sutrisno, Heidi Eckwall, George Meyer, Maren Ward, Tony White, Willis Bowman, Margo McCreary, Cecilia Schiller, Soozin Hirschmugl, Paul Chamberlain, Kathee Foran.

Photos by Donna Kelly