A myriad of questions contained in a cup of Water · 2009 - Ongoing

A two person touring show that ignites us to see ourselves as Water Protectors– bringing many current water issues vibrantly to life… a myriad of questions contained in each precious sip of Water.

What is the difference of tap water or bottled water? How do our actions affect the water? As one of our greatest teachers of Interconnection, Water truly connects the World. This performance guarantees you will never take Water for granted again!

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  • Best for ages 9 through 95 and for audiences of 300 or less.
  • For more information, please contact Sandy Spieler: [email protected]

At times this show has been performed bi-lingual English/Spanish, sometimes with all Spanish, mostly with all English.

Many thanks to the In the Heart of the Beast Theatre artists who helped to create and perform this show for many years: Sandy Spieler, Laurie Witzkowski, Esther Ouray, Blake Love, Stacy Lee King, Alejandra Tobar-Alatriz, Ricardo Garciaherreros, Seth Eberle, Steve Ackerman.

In 2016, there was also a spoken word version created with Tish Jones, Desdamona and young artists of TruArtspeaks—called Are You Thirsty? Re-Mix.