here in this place mosaic 28w by Sandy Spieler

Here In This Place

Here on Dakota Homeland, we offer DAILY THANKS for the glorious gift of “THIS PLACE”.

Created by Luisa Cabello Hansel and Sandy Spieler

with Thanks for inspiration from the Haudenosaunee Thanksgiving Address

With help from Richard Parnell, Mike Schulze, Barbara Peterson, Theresa Linnehan, Marc Scamp.

Commissioned by Pilgrim Lutheran Church and Public Art St Paul.

Words by Sandy Spieler, Patrick Cabello Hansel, Carl Samuelson, Luisa Cabello Hansel , Joan Haan.

Translations by Tara Tanagidan To Win, Merate Sahle, Lora Petersen, Ginger, Carl Hokanson, Karla Leitzman, LeoLake, V.T.Bidania.

It Takes a Village! Thank You:

Kent Miller, Pastor Jen Rome, Liz Pedersen, Micah Spieler-Sandberg, Colleen Sheehy, Claire Kaiser, Liz Lindgren, Lizz Sable Stauning, Michael Jacobsen, Penny Bartz, Bryan Stauning, Kelly Conroy, Gary Horejsi, Cathy Salin, Chuck Regal, Lori Greene, Vanessa Eickoff, Olivia Levins Holden, Greta McLain, Lorrie Ogren, Chris Lutter, Angela Barrera, Bart Buch, Mark Hirschboeck, Tim Dykstal, Sara Wrolstad, Elizabeth Lindgren, Tim Moore and family, Pamela Itzin, Ann Dyellig, the young and old mosaic brick artists, and support staffs of Pilgrim Lutheran.

Located at Pilgrim Lutheran Church, 1935 St. Clair Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105

Spiral path laid by Richard Parnell and Mike Schulze,
Central Mosaic: Luisa Cabello Hansel, individual bricks by community members.
Post by Sandy Spieler, hardware by Marc Scamp. Photos : Nick Lethert