Bristol, England 2004. This mini-museum of the Age of Oil investigates the Oil industry and my personal Oil consumption. It is also a response and honoring of the work of Platform of London, a group of artists investigating the crimes of corporations.

In the hood of the car—directly on the engine-- lies the question of BP’s connection to Environmental Degradation. In the trunk lies the question of Shell Oil’s connection to Violence in the World.

Inside the car, parallel to graphs detailing global climate change, I trace Seven Generations of my family’s personal use of Oil (Three Generations before me, me, and imagining Three Generations following me).

The totally white surface inside and outside of the car became a surface for anyone to write their thoughts about these Oil Generations, thus turning the entire car into a Prayer for the Life of the World..

  • With thanks to James Marriott , Platform of London, and the University of Bristol Theatre Arts.